Why Digital Marketing Trends Are Necessary In Aviation Marketing?

Aviation Marketing

It is the day and the age of digital marketing. Every business that separates funds for marketing will set aside some of their advertising budget for digital marketing. It is one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of the customers and can reach a wide audience in quick time. The digital marketing techniques are an easy way to influence the target audiences. The images through the live video, or Tweets, or live streaming broadcast gets a high rate of attention from the audience. The digital market trend is here to stay and more and more businesses now use it to be visible to their target audiences.

Images speak better than words

It is very easy to grab the attention of the audience through an attractive looking image than through quality writings. A tweet that has images in it will get a better response from the target audience than a normal tweet. The tweets with images will see a very high re-tweets. This way your message reaches many without a fraction of a second. The Facebook posts with images and videos get a better response than the normal posts. The pole love to share messages that have attractive images and videos in it. The visual content is a must in the digital marketing strategy. An example of a company that does this really well is http://www.ridofitvancouver.ca

Strengthen your messages

The best way to improve your communication with the target audience is to share the messages that have a good mix of words and images. Sharing plain text or an image without any head or tail to it will not be welcomed by the target customers. They need to be informative with the necessary images to create a lasting impression on the minds of the customers. It becomes easy for the people to remember the information carried on the image. This is a very good marketing tool to use as people do not have the time and patience to go through big articles and blogs these days. It is content marketing that sells in the modern times. Your advertisement should be along the lines of visual content marketing and interactive visual content marketing. It is a digital world out there and just TV commercials will not work for a business anymore.

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Features Of Turbofan Aircraft Jet Engines

Turbofan Aircraft Jet Engines

For those who are looking to source components for aircraft engines they would be aware of the turbofan and the function it offers to a jet engine. This air compression system was developed in 2011 and it is found in engines of boats, cars and an air powered vehicle that are created for high performance. Hence, turbofan fitted helicopters or hovercrafts are also in vogue.

This system has been developed as a modified form of turboprop or turbojet engines which are capable of running the aircraft at commercial speeds. Such a component helps to increase the fuel efficiency of aircrafts as well as reduce noise levels. The turbofan is also found in gas turbine engines that are found in subsonic military aircrafts.

Features of turbofan engine design

These engine designs have much evolved from the early workings and features from the thirties and sixties. The basic turbofan engine comprises of a front mounted turbine that works by pulling in the air and channeling it in two directions mainly. A portion of air gets channelized to a central combustion chamber. Here it gets heated by the fuel that is burnt and the hot air leaves by a jet nozzle that is located at the rear. The air that remains gets channeled around which circulates around the combustion chamber. It then mixes with exhaust gases and the exhaust turbine then pushes it out. This mechanism helps to step up the thrust capability of the engine. It also reduces noise levels and cooler combustion chamber as well. With such engines that are also known as bypass turbofans, the ratio of bypass air that is channelized around the engine as compared to the air used for combustion is around 8 to 1 or even higher.

With the turbofan engine, there was a significant improvement, especially over the existing piston-driven engines. With the turbofan engine direction of motion remained in one direction which helped to reduce aircraft vibration greatly. The parts of such an engine rotate in one direction and with the same velocity. Today the modern turbofan engines have more evolved functions. They come with gearbox controls that help to increase the efficiency of fuel usage, by about a marked difference of 12% and more. The noise levels are reduced much more and so are the waste gas emissions. For such reasons, it makes sense for modern aircrafts to be equipped with such an engine system.

How Is Digital Innovation Helping The Aviation Sector?

The use of the digital technology in the aviation sector is doing a world of good for the industry. It has helped in improving the customer experience. Thereby, it has brought a big change in the aviation industry in a positive way. The use of digital technology is helping many airlines to optimize the customer experience. The digital technologies will help in improving the passenger interactions. They will get to board their flights with very less or no delay.


Passengers get a better travel experience

The digital technology has made huge inroads into the aviation sector. It has helped many airlines to improve their customer service. There is an incredible growth of the digital marketing in the airline industry. These days, passengers can book their flight tickets online. They save some money by booking the tickets on the digital platform. This gives the air passengers the convenience to book flight tickets at any time of the day or night. They can also book them well in advance. These days’ passengers get to make online check-in to reduce the time they need to spend at airports. They can even carry out baggage and security and validation. Most of the passengers now are using mobile boarding option. This gives them freedom from carrying the flight tickets. The mobile check-in is gaining popularity the world over. The passengers get the flight status information on their mobile phones and they can adjust their plans accordingly. There are many airports and airlines offering transfer and self-boarding kiosks.

Digital displays at airports

The increase in the number of airlines and airport apps and the preference of the travelers to get information about flights through online and their mobile devices will make you feel that the digital displays in the airports to be non-existent soon. But, this might not be the case. The suppliers and the airports have found that the digital displays and the smartphones can complement each other. There is no doubt that it is going to be the age of digital air traveler in the future. The airports all over the world will be coming out with innovative ideas and plan to allow the passengers to interact with their surroundings very soon.  By tracking the passengers inside the airport, the airlines will know how many people are there in a specific area. They will be able to manage the long queue and bottlenecks while boarding flights.


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